Trade Mark:Dnine

General Manager:Fahed Abu Daoud

Contact Person:Rafiq Abu Daoud

Short Description: D ninecompany is considered one of the best Palestinian companies that specialises in manufacturing men’s casual footwear.

Producing men’s footwear, this consists of a casual and sports collection.

The company’s production is unique because they use the best imported raw materials and especially the synthetic and natural leather used.

The company produces their footwear models by manual attaching. This varied collection helps offer many different customer and market needs and wants, which secures spreading and expanding in the West bank and Gaza strip.


D nine company started in the 60s when Fahed’s father  started in the footwear industry when there was no machinery and production was all by hand, with time the footwear industry improved significantly with new machines and technologies replacing operation made by hand, by the year 2000 the sons launched Dnine for trading and shoe industry following their father’s footsteps, They now specialise in men’s and kids shoes made of natural leather made by skilled Palestinian shoe makers under international standards and specifications.

Vision & Mission:

Make shoes with high standards, and to reach customer expectations and fulfil their needs.


Specialize in Men’s,Casual, Sport and Boots.

Contact Us
Address Hebron - Palestine
Tel No +(972)2-2231681
Mobile +(972)599340607
Fax No +(972)2-2231681
Email dnineshoesco@yahoo.com
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